Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Brother

So today my man is going to audition for the reality show Big Brother.  They are holding local audtions in Philadelphia.  He went to try outs last year too.  It's definitely not something that thrills me.

At 34, I can think of more important things to be focused on then getting on a reality show.  A reality show I might add that will have him sequestered for 100 days in a house in Los Angeles.  With absolutely no contact with the outside world, including me! 

And on top of it what made me feel left out is he didn't want me to read his application.  Really? The questions they ask on these reality show applications are very personal.  And I feel he should share that with me because it could be read on tv.  Isn't that the point of being in a relationship?  Anyway...he did finally let me read it.

Anyway....It just makes me feel very disconnected from him when he does stuff like that.

Overall, it makes me wonder....why would he want to subject himself to that?  Or be okay with being away from us for months with no contact? 

The implications would be huge....we would have to give up our apartment, store all our furniture, I'd have to find a place to live for 3 months, no income would be coming in for him, basically our whole life we have built would be overhauled because of some reality show?  That just would not sit well with me at all.   Is CBS going to pay our rent for those 100 days, no I didn't think so.  Something of this nature should be a joint decision because of it's affect on both lives. 

Oh I know.  Your thinking but what are his chances of making it, he's very lucky trust me.  If anyone could get on this show it's him. 

Guess I just wish my man would focus on something that would include both of us, something that has more meaning.  Like working towards a house, finding a town we both would be happy living in, starting a business of our own, fixing his credit, giving up smoking... rather then using all his energy on trying to make it on some reality show.  Can anyone relate?

I don't mind people going on shows like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire because they are more catered to winning money based on intelligence not backstabbing, walking around half naked, and game playing like Big Brother and Survivor involve.  I would hate to see my man on tv being made fun of, or worse get being backstabbed by other contestants it would stress me out to see someone I love being treated like that. 

Not only that, but how would you feel if your partner was in a house full of people who run around shirtless(men) and/or bikinis (women) all day...who have no form of entertainment allowed but themselves?  Call me insecure but I just don't need to see my man sequestered in a house 24/ hrs a day for 100 days straight with big breasted women running around in bikinis.  Guess I'm just too old to want to deal with that kind of crap.

How would you feel if your partner decided to try out for a reality show where they would be sequestered for months, with no contact whatsoever?  To me that is the real issue the not being able to communicate with the one you love, and the effect it would have on our daily lives.  Alot can happen in 3 months and I wouldn't want to think we missed certain moments of  because of some reality show.  

Would really love to hear others opinions on this.....

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