Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keep Your Word

So we came up with this concept of creating days, each week we get two days that are suppose to be days in which one of us caters to the other.   In concept it really is a great idea because it allows each person a chance to share what means the most to them and to feel completely spoiled with undivided attention for a little.

Although, somehow my days always seemed to get cancelled or moved. Like this weekend, my day got moved yet again and then just didn't happen.  My days always seem to get disrepected like that and it disappoints me because not only do I look forward to them, but it is important to me to feel like I have a special day where my desires and happiness are given presedence.

It got me many times in general does that happen to most of us?  People say they will do things and then somehow don't....which leaves the feeling of disappointment, disrepect and a feeling like their word isn't good in the future. 

I think it's important in keep the promises or commitments we make unless of course an emergency of some sort happens, that'sa different story.  But when you keep promises or plans that is what builds trust and respect.  People feel they can rely on other's word and that their word is good.  When plans or promises are continually cancelled then others feel disrespect, they come to feel they can't trust another word.

Oh well just something to think about.  Guess my advice would be always keep your word.  People respect it, people will adore you for it, and people come to trust you in ways that are hard to find in our society these days. 
All right I'm off to watch Celebrity Apprentice!   Anyone watching?

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