Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"Accept that you are enough. You don't need to be anything that you are not ."

I think life requires that people learn to accept themselves and others for who they are.  Cherish the little differences in people, in yourself.  Those unique things that make others and us who they are.  People are in our lives to help open our minds and hearts.  To help teach us new things and to help us learn new ways of thinking, living, loving, and just being. 

Sometimes we focus on the differences, or the negatives, instead of learning to open our minds to just accept and cherish people for who they are.  Life is also about compromise, so we need to try to be true to ourselves yet keep in mind the happiness of those we love too.

People are like snowflakes, each of us unique but still have the ability to blend to create unity when needed.

See some positive thoughts for today!

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