Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where To Live and Work Woes

This whole unemployment situation has me feeling torn.  It's ironic that we would both be laid off at the same time, and I try to explain to my boyfriend that it's important now to find jobs we love.  And to think about where we really want to live. 

Before moving in together we lived about a hour apart.  I moved to this area because he already had a job, and needed to stay within a certain area closer to it.  But this town has yet to grow on me....in my opinion it's too congested, the houses are on top of each other, and there isn't a lot of nature around.  I thrive on nature, open land, and space.  Where we live now we have no privacy whatsoever, and it's really getting to me.

Guess I just don't feel comfortable in this area, I dread having to even run an errand.  Our street literally comes out to a very busy, main route that takes you to the blue route or the city.  It's just always cars and people, nothing is quaint. Although,I like the place we rent as everything is new inside.

I feel this would be the perfect time to try to find a town we both love, and to tie that into finding jobs close to that place of choice.

What has me thinking about all this is my boyfriend has an interview this week.  In the city, at a large company that is just like his last two previous jobs.    And he wasn't happy in his previous two jobs, he spent most of his time complaining about working in the large, corporate type environments.   Let's face it those working environments just are not for some people.  

So I think that is a sign for him, to a find a smaller, private type firm.....a position where he has a lot of control and responsibilities because he thrives on that.  He is so smart and I don't want him to take just
any job at this point.  He is smart enough to run his own company, even partnering with someone who is creating a startup would be great for him. 

Plus, if we chose to live farther outside the city his commute would be long.  He wasn't happy having to drive 45 mins to work before and the areas I prefer would be a hour train into the city. Not to mention working in Philadelphia causes more taxes taken out.  And once again advancement would be a long process because of the size of the company.  These are all things I think about when considering a job.

I've lived all over the country so I have a better idea then most where I want to live.  I'm concerned about that now I've done the long commutes and they are not for me.  It's really making finding a job hard though because the jobs I would rather have would be near the places I would rather live.  Make sense?

Oh what to do.  The simple answer would be start our own business.....a girl can dream right.

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