Thursday, March 11, 2010

What To Eat

I imagine I'm not the only one that has this dilemma, but pretty much everyday I find myself in the kitchen pondering what to have for dinner.  Recently I purchased a few cookbooks that were simply fabulous.  We have tested out more than a few and loved just about everyone of them.

The thing with trying to come up with what to cook is that there are many factors that seem to go into a meal.  The largest being what is everyone in the mood for, two do we have the ingredients readily available, and three how long will the recipe take to make. 

Oh and our little household has very sensitive stomachs, even the dog, so it's always a challenge finding food that will agree with everyone. 

I'd like to be able to plan my meals in advance, like so often you see in magazines.  You know the Family Circle type of magazines where they give you a whole months schedule of meals for each day.  It sounds like a perfect idea, but in the real world it's nearly impossible to plan one meal in advance let alone a whole month's worth.

Cooking is something I really enjoy, though I hate the cleanup.  We used to have a great system where whoever cooked, the other person had to clean up.  That seems to have fallen by the wayside as I seem to do more of both....the cooking and the dishes.  Which makes cooking less appealing and so instead of making creative meals like I prefer I just end up making the ones easiest to clean up.

Anyway,  if anyone is looking for great cookbooks, with easy to make meals that don't require a lot of ingredients you should check out "Six Ingredients or Less" cookbook series by "Carlean Johnson".  I have the Pasta & Casseroles and Slow Cooker editions which are great.  I have been trying to find the Chicken one but so far it's been unavailable at the bookstores I've shopped.

Tonight for's pasta and breadcrumbbs with garlic chicken, and string beans.  Bon Appetit!

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