Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I don't know about anyone else but all this sex scandalous stuff having to do with the golfer and also the politician that seems to be consuming our headline news both angers and saddens me.  Notice I'm not even mentioning their names as neither man deserves it.  I'm annoyed at hearing about it all the time, and knowing they did such horrible things to the very people they claimed to love is just sad.

And ever worse are those who get involved with people who they know are taken already.  How can anyone feel good about doing that to another person?

What has happened to this world?  What has happened to love?  What has happened to sustainable relationships like our grandparents era.

Whether married or just in a relationship why does it seem so hard for people to stay loyal, or for that matter be honest.  I've read and heard so many various opinions on this topic, the majority of people seemed genuinely disgusted by these mens action.  But those minority who think it's okay, that it's hard to physical resist hot people, or that men need variety well they are the people who really disgust me.

Just can't comprehend putting someone you love through that, or being able to even do such things knowing you have someone that loves you with all their heart waiting for you at home.   It just makes me want to cry knowing someone inflicted that hurt on another.

The fact is there are people like that, and yet is there any way to change that type of behavior?   Does the golfer even realize what he did is wrong, does he have true remorse?   For every person that thinks it was wrong there is someone that doesn't.  I knew a guy who used to visit massage parlors that gave happy endings, in fact he paid for online phone sex too while in a relationship.  And you know what?  He never thought it was cheating.  That is the mentality that many people have, and they will never understand how it can shatter hearts, lives and ruin a relationships emotional and physical bond. 

Not only that but then others wonder why it would make the partner being hurt go psycho such as many say the golfers and politicians wife went.  Well hello....they have a right to feel mad, they put their heart and trust in another who basically stomped all over it.  Or better yet these same people wonder why it is their partners mistrust them.

 There is a trust that is shattered that is very hard, if not near impossible to rebuild.   When a person chooses to let another intimately into their world, share their heart and soul, then to find they let someone else in their intimate world whether physically or even emotional is just a horrible, gut wrenching feeling.  Even flirting can be done to the point it risks hurting another.

Why as a country, as a world can't we find a way to sustain relationships in which people are honest, loyal, faithful, loving, and whatever else.  When one truly loves someone they just don't do those things, they shouldn't want to do anything that would hurt or jeopordize what they have.  Has our world become too consumed with lust over love?  With porn?  With technology that in some ways even contributes to it?

Maybe I'm old school but I believe in the sanctuary of love, of friendship, of honoring and respecting those we love. That means being honest, being loyal, and most of all being committed to love both physically and emotionally. Yes at some point life throws temptation everyones way, life is constantly trying to test us, and the real test of life is the journey of love and finding the strength, the soul, the heart to love not only unconditionally but faithfully.

I really would love to hear others views on this.  When you turn on the tv or pick up a paper and these scandals are all the top news headlines....how does it make you feel?   Thoughts?

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