Sunday, March 14, 2010

Practice What

Practice what you preach.  How many of us actually do that though?

I was laying in bed at 8 am thinking about this.  Why you ask....well I'm one of those types that cannot sleep with the tv on, nor really any kind of noise.  Yes I may doze off but the tv causes me to have that toss and turn kind of sleep.  My boyfriend on the other hand can't seem to sleep good without the tv.

Which brings me to the boyfriend is one of those people who doesn't practice what he preaches.  He tells me not to let the tv influence my sleep that it's all in my head, yet he lets it influence him....the second he can't sleep he has to turn on the tv, the moment he wakes up the tv must be on or he is laying in bed tossing and turning.

So essentially he is letting it get to him because as he would say it's all in his head.  Taking his own advice, he could easily go back to sleep if he would just not get so worked up about it not being on. 

He also loves to say that people with addictions or other such issues are mentally weak.  That the strong can stop whenever they want.  But this is the same guy who cannot give up smoking, no matter how many times he has tried.  So his smoking habit would be considered an addiction, and so by his standards would that not make him mentally weak? 

Oh no....he says he likes to smoke and that's why he can't give it up.  But don't all people with addictions enjoy what they do? 

So as he woke me up with the tv at 8 am this morning, and then so nonchantly fell back asleep I started many of us actually practice what we preach?

Think about it....we dole out advice to those around us but do we actually take our own advice?  Do we live by the standards we expect others to?  

And yes the tv is on and he is still sleeping.  ; )

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