Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Musings

Yes Monday is here again.  Where do the weekends go? 

Here in Pennsylvania we are waking up to rain, which is suppose to continue for the next two days.  That's okay though because we had over a week of beautiful weather and sometimes you need rain to balance it.  I've always found rainy days are good for baking, snuggling, and catching up on things that you just don't do when it's beautiful outside.

Upon finding out that Congress had pushed the healthcare bill through last night I had trouble getting to sleep.  There I was on the couch at 1 am thinking what is our government doing?   It's not like I don't think healthcare needs some kind of reform, but I just don't think right now is the time for such a plan.   Not when our unemployment rate is at an all time high, not when our social security system is in a serious crisis, not when our banks and market are failing, and well you get the picture.

The overall majority of Americans weren't behind the bill, yet it got passed.   And I guess it just makes me we really live in a Democracy?  Or is our country becoming one in which our government controls everything and we the people have no say?   Let me ponder it more because right now I feel too emotionally charged about the subject. 

This weekend was just overall low key.  Villanova was upset by Cornell so Saturday was defintely rather disappointing to us basketball fans.   We spent much of the weekend watching the college basketball tournament, I spent some time outdoors as with temperatures in the 70's it was hard to stay inside, and I cleaned my desk which was filled with a lot of paperwork, news clippings, and bills that need to be filed and organized.   I just wasn't feeling 100% this weekend so I felt I needed to just chill.  

So any Dancing with the Stars fans out there?   I haven't watched it much lately but this season intrigues me because they seemed to put together quite a cast.   I'll be tuning in tonight to get a feel for the new cast and to see if I might be more interested in watching this season.   Dancing definitely appears much more of a workout then I ever imagined, I tried to convince my man that we should sign up to a few lessons but his reaction was pretty much no way.  To be honest I don't even know if I could handle the dancing they do on that show. haha

Well I'm starting off this Monday with a dentist appointment.  Fun stuff.  Hope your weekend was fun and that your Monday is a good one!

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