Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Musings

It's Monday once again.  Here in Philadelphia it is still raining.  Another Nor'easter moved in on Friday and is still hanging around.  This storm was rather intense, the winds actually caused our gas grill to fall over....those  aren't light so it definitely came as a surprise.

It was a low key weekend spent watching college basketball.  For anyone that isn't a sports fan March Madness has basically begun and the countdown to the championship starts this week.  Villanova got a 2nd seed which is great, and so our house will be officially rocking come Thursday when Villanova's game tips off.   It's exciting time of year to college basketball fans.  And it's great when any Philly school earns a spot.

Other than that I've been sending out more resumes to the few new job listings that are posted.  There just aren't many jobs listed on any of the job sites, compared to a few years ago the job market seems so bleak.

It's crazy because now I have this time off but no money to really do anything so I'm basically stuck in the house. Plus it's hard because I don't really like the area I live in now, it's too congested and the houses are all on top of one another.  But without jobs we are pretty much stuck here because it's affordable.  Actually that's something I'd like to touch on maybe in another post.

If only I could take a vacation or just had a little extra money to spend to go to a musuem, play, or something we haven't experienced yet.  It's just amazing how everything seems to cost so much, something I think many of us don't think about until we are without income.

I miss small things like being able to just buy something when I need it, instead of anaylzing any purchase.  Now I feel I have to be so frugal, with Spring approaching that is depressing because I love gardening.  I always get so excited to go flower shopping but not sure that is going to happen this year.   I usually have all kinds of containers and hanging baskets but those things cost a fair amount of money so not sure about this season.

Here is good quote for today.

"He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much."

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