Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Musings

Yep it's Monday already, although upon first waking I did think it was Sunday at first.  I'm telling you when you don't have a set work schedule there isn't the typical contrast between weekdays and weekends.  You know....the dreaded "oh no Monday is here feeling". 

The weather was beautiful here in Philadelphia today.  Anytime we have temps in the 60's this early in March is cause for celebration.  Funny that is the one feeling that is hard to describe to people who have never lived in climates with true seasons.  There is such a difference each season in the way the air smells, the sun feels, and the overall whole atmosphere.  Spring and Summer bring such jubilation, where as Fall and Winter there is more a sense of hibernation.

I'm still recovering from this cold, which seemed to consume much of the weekend.   Colds suck because they just wreck havoc on sleep. 

Yesterday was so nice we decided to hit the range but it was so packed (we are taking waiting lines just to get a spot) that we played mini golf instead.  Mini golf is just as much fun, plus it adds a little competitiveness too.  Oh yes mini golf gets very competitive between us.  We basically create wagers  for just about all our adventures, my man can't resist a bet.

Honesty, it felt great to be outdoors.   That is one of the reasons I really want a have a private backyard to spend time outdoors in.  Although I felt very tired when we got home because I'm still dealing with this cold.

Weather forecast is looking nice for beginning of week then they are saying rain is suppose to move in, Big East Tournament starts mid week, and still waiting to hear when we will be getting a new washer.  Our wash is starting to overflow. 

Anyway....hope your Monday is a good one.  Think positive only 4 more days until the weekend!

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