Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Musings

Wow....I cannot believe it is already March.  I definitely notice a difference during this time I'm laid off compared to time spent working.  Mainly while working time seemed to move so slow, I remember co workers wondering why it was only 11, when it felt like 5..  Yet when your home, time seems to move much quicker before you know it evening has arrived! 

So today I read a comment from a girl we know who exclaimed "how happy she was to have the life she has with her husband" basically how happy she was to be married.   That comment got me thinking...just reading that made me feel happy to know that someone else was so happy to be with who they are and have the life together they have.  I realize that I need to write more positive blogs!

Not sure I can put into words how I've felt lately....there's no one word really.  It's a combination of feeling judged, feeling like I have to watch what I say, hating cell phones, and just feeling a little taken for granted. 

We just saw a movie in the theater for the first time in our over three year relationship.  It came about because I planned it, and I'm just wishing he would suggest and plan more things for us to do together.

Also, he is this person who likes space where I'm the type of person that can be around him and others without getting tired of their company.  I don't even think about it...I just enjoy spending time together so I do it, but he seems to analyze it more.

I guess up to this point the other people I've dated in my lifetime I've always just spent time together without thinking about the amount.  Basically spent my time with the people who I wanted to be with and who made me happy.  But something as simple as suggesting we workout together can set my man into a space lecture, something I'm just not familar with nor understand. 

I've just always been surrounded by couples who spend a lot of time together it's what I know.

And part of me does feel jealous about the gym.  I mean it's a social place.  Guess I just don't understand why he would not want to work out together, like so many couples do these days.  So I start wondering why, and make all kinds of assumptions that he doesn't like.
So I guess I still have a lot to learn about love and relationships. haha

Anyway....this Monday I'm realizing there is still a lot to learn on this adventure we call life.  That we can't expect people to be mirror images of ourselves.  That peoples differences may actually be blessings in that they help us grow as souls, and to see other sides of life. 

My goal is to be more positive, to try to look at the positive not focus on the negative.  To focus on my dreams, desires, and know that eventually if I work hard enough, try hard enough they can become a reality.  I want to write happier blogs after reading that happy comment earlier.

So maybe one day I will own a company with my mate, and maybe one day I will get that cottage house with the little backyard I so dream of.  And maybe, just maybe I will show my man now that time together is more fun than time apart.  Ahhhh....Mondays aren't they grande!

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