Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cold Part 2

Well I got about 4 hours sleep last night, considering I have a Villanova basketball game at 12, I'm not exactly happy with the lack of sleep.   We have season tickets and this is the last home game soooooo......I tried to go to bed early but colds are an odd thing.  As tired as they make you feel it's just impossible to sleep feeling so congested, not to mention the scratchy throat.

I'm rather disappointed because I was trying to go the whole year without one but that's not happening now.  The hardest part of colds for me is not being able to take anything.  I cannot take cold medicines, nor decongestants or anything of that nature.  So basically when I get a cold I have to suffer through all the symptoms with only vicks vapor rub and some saline drops.

On days like this I could really use a little extra tlc., hint hint boyfriend.  Breakfast in bed?  Flowers?  Anything.....

Update: And the cold is not the worst part of the day.  The washer broke in the process of washing.  So all my lovely sweaters now have to be hand emptied out of washer, rinsed because they are covered in suds, and then hand wrug.  Not to mention the piles of wash that still need to be washed.  I'm too annoyed to even describe in words just really didn't need the washer to break today.

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