Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So a little updates on my previous posting...just completed my 3rd dental procedure, if you remember I was told there would be 6 to actually treat what needed to be treated.  The first I tried local numbing but the sensation so freaked me out I opted to have the next two done with nothing.  Yeah I know even writing that sounds crazy but that is what I did.  It was a little painful but to be honest the pain distracted me from all the anxiety I was feeling about being at the dentist. 

A word to the wise to anyone who has dental phobie like myself....don't avoid dental cleanings as tartar, plague, well that all builds up to the point it can destroy your gums without regular cleanings.  Which in return causes worse procedures to have to be done than just cleaning.  I waited 15 years.  You can only imagine what had to be scrapped off.  Anyway there is still more to do and I'm praying I stay calm!  

Still haven't gotten a new mattress and boy is it taking a toll on our backs and necks.  As I right this I can barely turn my shoulder.  Oh and the boyfriend went to the doctor his pain in his back/leg could be a hernaited disc and the doctor said to avoid exercise.  Um I think I suggested that myself....as my years as a trainer gave me some experience enough to know exercise would have made it even worse than it already is.  People with neck and back issues especially dengerating discs have to be very careful when exercising I don't know if it can get any worse for him right now....he is in such pain he can barely stand and feels so bad affection is even out of the question. What?  Yeah you heard it here. 

You know what would really help....a new mattress.  ; ) 

On that note....it's time to get some supplies as the weather forecast is for yet another Nor'easter.  Being laid off has one advantage we don't have to worry about having to drive in the snow.  Please everyone clean off your cars before driving, and even if you have a suv drive slow! 

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