Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gas Can Ownership

Okay so yesterday my man goes out for coffee, comes back stinking of gas for which he can't really smell.  He says he tried to get gas but his gas tank cap would not turn.  Really didn't think much of it until.....we go to go grocery shopping.  I get in the car and it stinks of gas.  I mean it was overwhelming the car.  So we are pondering what could be causing the strong odor.

Fast forward we come out of the market, go to load the groceries in the trunk, and he exclaims what is this doing in the trunk.  A large red, plastic gas can was wrapped up in plastic bags sitting in the corner of the trunk. this is what was causing the odor.  But what the heck is it doing there????

His trunk is broke so it doesn't lock so someone could have put it in there, but still who would think to open the trunk of a stranger and put their gas can in it?  And better yet who would think to do that at a Starbucks when the place is made of all glass and anyone could be watching.

So my boyfriend doesn't seem at all fazed that unbeknowst to him a gas container is sitting in his trunk.  And he got fired up by me asking questions....well any normal person would.....that is your car and someone just opened it and stuck a gas container in it. 

He said most people wouldn't care and wouldn't ask questions.  Seriously?  Maybe I'm just overly inquistive then but I like to know details.

Not him.... he just acted like it wasn't unusal or strange at all.  Even though his car now stinks of gas.  Oh and his gas meter is reading empty in his car.  Go figure.  Just another oddity that sometimes makes me think I could write a great female Seinfeld type of show.

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