Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Disappointed

So last night we went to the Villanova basketball game, I've always been a huge college basketball fan and it's always a good time.   The atmosphere was awesome! 

But last night was very disappointing for me because my boyfriend decided to smoke. 

As of January 2010 he made a promise to himself to quit smoking, he's made it before but never succeeded.  This time I really believed was different, he seemed serious about quitting, and to be doing so well.  He threw out all this cigarettes so he would not be tempted.   I suspected he had started smoking morning butts two weeks ago, when he reeked of smoked but I gave him the benefit of the doubt hoping it was a one time thing. 

To give up his smoking in the morning habit....he has to give up his morning coffee because to him they go hand in hand.   Everything you read about quitting says habits have to be replaced with new ones....but he falls right back into his smoking habits. 

I cannot describe the feeling of disappointed I have this morning.  It's the same cycle all over again.  He quits for a few weeks, starts smoking one in the morning, then slowly progresses to his old habit.  I've offered to buy the patch for him, offered to help him find a good quitting program, but nothing.  

Which makes me feel he's not truly interested in quitting or helping himself.  He can barely walk do to his back condition and everything you read the first thing they say is....stop smoking. 

When my dad made up his mind to quit he tried every product and tool on the market until he found one that worked.  He has been smoke free for over 30+ years, it wasn't easy at all but he persisted because he knew how important it was to not only him but his family's health.

To quote one of my mans friends "smoking is nasty".  When a smoker sleeps a smoke smell comes out their nostrils, not to mention their clothes, hair, and cars reek of smoke, and overall in this situation with his denegerated disc problem smoking is the worst thing he could do.  Even my mans prized BMW has a smoke smell that no car fresher can get rid of.

I really cannot put into words how happy and excited I felt about him quitting.  And those happy emotions were so quickly squashed  last night when he had two cigarettes.  Here we go again....

I hate tobacco companies for being able to continue producing a product that is a known carcinogenic!  It makes no sense why they are allowed to continue making a product that is harmful, when other products on the market get pulled because of their dangers.

Anti smoking campaigns are great but how do we help the people who already smoke?

 (this is what I want to do everytime he pulls out a cigarette....crush them)

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