Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day

I have to laugh at the forecast today, for two days leading up to this storm they warned us here in Philadelphia of a snowicane.  Heavy winds, snow which would amount to a snowicane.  Predicting conditions that would knock power out in many areas.

Well today has come and gone, yes it snowed but never really stuck to the ground. The winds have yet to amoung to anything but more than a breeze.  And the predictions of 12-18 inches of snow have come down to 3-6. Everything basically closed and snow emergencies were declared for nothing.

I have to admit the hype leading up to a storm can get everyone excited only to disappoint many when this snowicane they have been hyping all week doesn't happen.

There are definite advantages to being a weather forecaster.  The main one being you can be completely wrong about a forecast but yet always keep your job!

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