Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Really is what I was muttering to myself last night after my man informs me he joined a gym.  A gym? 

Now normally it would not be a big deal, but you see now since his lay off he has no extra money to put towards things like that.  Especially since we have a treadmill, and enough Wii workout videos to get someone in shape quick.

We are in desperate need of a new mattress so any extra money should be going to save up for that. (we made a deal....I would buy the couch for the main room and he would a new bed)  Plus, he won money last year promising to buy a new mattress with it but that never happened so it's long overdue. A new mattress would help a lot with his back/neck issues.

You see this is the same guy who over a year ago was told by his doctor that he needed physical therapy for his back/neck problems, but he never went to therapy and still has a lot of pain. He needs the help of a trained physical therapist before he starts working out because with his neck/back condition working out could actually do more harm than good. (just playing golf can aggravate it to the point he can barely move).

So what makes him go and drop that kind of money on a gym when our household is in major recession times?  And he wonders why I would be a little upset?   Hmmmm....how about discussing ideas like that first?   Or how about during this down economical time spending the money on stuff our house really needs.  He gets upset when I don't call stuff ours, so if stuff is shared then shouldn't decisions be shared too?

There in lies the problem lack of communication, which is something I always write about.  Key in life is good communication, talking and discussing goals, ideas, whatever it may be....it helps keep people on the same page and lets people feel their opinions/thoughts matter. 

Yet again....I'm the one up worrying about money while he sleeps peacefully.

This bed would go great in our room.

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