Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I had my fourth teeth quadrant completed today.  This one is definitely painful.  Chose no novacaine or numbing agents again and it is an interesting feeling.   This is what I get for not having gone to the dentist in over 15 years....honestly my gums were a mess.  No one could really tell but trust me I could.

In the procedures I've had done they basically do a deep cleaning, scraping, and scaling of your gums...but because it takes awhile and does leave a lot of soreness they can only do a quadrant at a time.  And I have a serious program I now have to do at least twice a day but I can already see a difference wow! 

And I'd like to add I'm working on only 3 hours of sleep due to a very long night of noise.  But that's another topic of discussion for a different day.

But this mouth soreness brings me to thinking....I'm one of those people that has some foods I cannot eat like chocolate and egg.   So I was wondering if anyone out there might know of a good dessert that is soft, moist and doesn't contain egg or chocolate.  Whether it be a baked dessert or frozen dessert.  Any ideas?

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