Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Musings

Well this Monday morning I am up very early, it was basically one of those toss and turn nights where not a lot of sleep was had.   Maybe it's the fact that I'm still salty about this whole mattress deal, or lack of mattress that was promised over a year ago.   Sleeping in a comfy, nice bed makes a huge difference.

Two years before I met my boyfriend, I bought a whole new was great, really comfy and I loved it a lot!  But it is a full, so when we moved in together I had to leave it at my family's house because it was too small.  Little did I know his mattress did not have a box frame, and that the IKEA bed frame we got for it would collaspe as it has.

Anyway....on to the weekend.  His sister and her boyfriend came to visit. It was very nice of them, they drove all the way from Long Island just for the day.  His sister wanted him to meet this new special man in her life who has become a very important fixture.  They just hung at our place because that is what my man said they wanted to do.

Unfortunately, his sister got rather upset because she felt he was spending more time on his laptop and blackberry than with them.  My man runs a sports website which takes up a lot of time on weekends....they got here at 2:30 and her thought was he had plenty of time to work on it earlier, why could he not give it up just one day, for the time they were here.  I thought she was really going to flip when he used his blackberry at the dinner table!  (if he could have only seen their faces)

This is where I get weary somedays because it's not the first time someone has commented about it, or that they feel it's inappropriate.  And when people mention it to me, do I tell him?  Even one of his close friends made a comment at a wedding a few months ago, wondering if my man ever puts his phone down. 

I try to remain objective but there have been many occasion where I to have mentioned to him about leaving the blackberry at home or simply take a hiatus from it while out doing something.  He types away at family dinners, weddings, sporting events, work meetings, and doesn't understand how it can make others around him feel uncomfortable, or even understand that sometimes it isn't appropriate. 
After his sister said something, I mentioned it to him and he gave her the attention she was looking for.  Which made her very happy, because it meant the world to her that he meet this new boyfriend of hers and that he get to know him.

Which brings me to wondering.... just how many people have become obsessed with technology to the point their actual social interactions with others have become non existent, or could be considered inappropriate?  Have we become a world so dependent on texting that we forget how to have actual real conversations?  Or forget how to enjoy our surroundings?  Better yet have we become so dependent on our computers that we can't live without them for a day? 

This Monday morning I'm just wondering if we are better off with or without all this electronic technology?  Thoughts.....

And yes folks he even texts while driving.  Yes it's dangerous, yes I worry,  but to say anything to him only gets me a lecture back on how he can drive better texting then I can normally.  Uh huh....really folks.

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