Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Musings

What a weekend....waking up this Monday morning I thought to myself did the Saints really win the Super Bowl?   Not that I'm a Saints fan but since my team didn't make it I like to choose one team to get behind. 

I chose the Saints for two reasons 1. they were the underdog and Brees isn't one of those qb's who came out of college with a chip on his shoulder like some (for the most part he seems like a humble guy something we don't see much of in pro sports) 2. the Colts could have gone for the unbeaten record this season instead they chose to sit their best players to rest for the playoffs (who doesn't want to make history in sports by trying to go for the unbeaten title, very wimpy) 

It was really great to watch the Saints win and to watch their coach make a few ballsy plays.  I'm glad for the city of New Orleans after all they have been through they deserve it, and I'm glad Brees was the qb who got the Super Bowl title!

On another note....yes we officially got at least 24 inches of snow here.  Philadelphia and it's surrounding suburbs are still trying to dig out.   If you didn't have to go out it was fun to watch and it was fun to frolick in too.  Though my dog felt a little differently as it was too high for her, though she did get out there in her winter jacket and we carried her in our arms until we found a spot that had been plowed and we could all walk for a little. 

Trust me it's a lot of snow as some winters we have had only 12 inches all winter.  But what's winter on the east coast without a little snow.  Snow at least adds a little excitement to the dull, cloudy days of winter.

Even though most of us are thinking where did the weekend go....enjoy Monday.

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