Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Musings

Yes it's that favorite day for so many yet again...Monday. Honestly, how many people dread this day having to wake up after a relaxing weekend and go spend 8+ hours at work missing their family, kids, pets, and whom ever else. Just don't know who invented the five day work weekend but they must have been nuts. haha

So I've decided instead of cleaning the house every weekend which really does get exhausting when doing it all by yourself, I'm only going to do it every other weekend. I'm just going to have to learn how to deal with a little dust on the tv.

This weekend I made home made ginger bread cookies with icing. Guess I should give a shout out to the man as he is the one who found the icing recipe, and whipped it up. Always nice when you get a little help like that. They were quite yummy.

We had snow yet again on Saturday. So it was pretty much a stay at home kind of weekend. And I hear there is more snow in the forecast for next weekend.....we have pretty much surpased the snow totals from all of last year already.

Anyway....for those of you at work today hang in there, and for those of you umeployed at the moment like myself guess it's time to start searching the jobs boards for the week. Some days I'd like to be Paris Hilton, not ever have to worry about money, travel to wherever I want whenever I want. Seriously do people like that even realize how good they have it?

On that note I'm going to have a ginger bread cookie.

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