Friday, February 26, 2010

Feel Alittle Down...Wishing For Sun

Since getting laid off I've felt really stressed, and that stress has turned into a rather down feeling.  I think it's a little combination of everything.  This time last year we were planning for our up coming trip to Barbados.  Which we would have been taking again this year had it not been for both of us getting laid off.  I seriously looked forward to that trip all year and now the realization that we won't be going is hitting hard. 

I really cannot explain how excited and happy I was all year thinking we would be going back to what we call paradise. 

I'm a beach, sun lover.  One of those people who almost needs the sun/warm weather to feel happy and relaxed.  Everyday I think about the beach and miss living in a beach town like I did in San Diego.  So this time of year can be especially hard after enduring a few winter months with little sun, and cold weather.

What compounds the feeling boyfriend is planning a trip to see his father in Florida, and I feel even more down to have not even be invited.   He wants to spend a few days with his dad, which is understandable they don't see each other much. 

But in the situation we are right would have just been nice to been thought of, especially now because it's not easy.  Plus, I feel I do a lot around our place...a little vacation would have just been nice.  He knows how much I love the beach, so I was just really hoping to go too.

Oh well I have to think positive I'm sure there is a job out there waiting for me, something I love, and something that will allow me to buy a house.  And take that trip to Barbados. 

There are many people with it worse off and I have to remember that.  It's just today I am feeling a little sorry for myself that's all.  ; )

(dreaming about sunny beaches and ocean waves)

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