Friday, February 5, 2010

East Coast Bristling

Here on the east coast things are a bristling this morning.  In Philly are being bombarded with news we are about to receive a snowstorm.  I'm never quite trusting of weather forecasters as for the most part it seems like a 50/50 bet on if we actually get what they predict.  I was hoping the storm would hold off until Sunday but in fact it seems to be coming later today.

I have to admit snowstorms like this can be fun, as long as one has no place to go.  When I lived in San Diego I didn't think I would miss such weather, but when you are from the East Coast  after awhile you actually do tend to miss the change of seasons.  The snow, the thunderstorms, the differences of each season and the smell the air gets.  While I lived in San Diego we barely had rain, let alone a thunderstorm.  Although, I must admit the abundant sunny days and warm temperatures were real nice.

Anyway....we'll see how accurate the weather people are today and just how much snow we actually get. 

While everyone else is panicking and heading to the supermarkets I think I'm going to take in a movie.  Don't laugh but I haven't been to a movie theater in probably 7 years.  I'm more of the stay at home rent a movie type but I hear Avatar is a movie that must be seen on a 3 D screen.  Has anyone seen it?   If so what did you think of the movie?

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