Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cupcakes and Love

Today I am baking cupcakes....not any old cupcakes I might add but Valentine ones which means they are baked with extra love.  There are two little ones I simply dog and my niece.  So this Valentine's I wanted them to have a special yummy desserts to eat.  Anyone that knows me well knows my dog is my baby.  ; )  And because of severe allergies she already eats home cooked food.

So I  made these completely from scratch with a homemade butter cream icing to top.   Then decorated them with all sorts of hearts and other colors that tend to go along with the holiday. 

That's what the Valentine's day holiday is all's not about who spends the most or fancy restaurants it's about doing things from the heart for those we love.  I'd much rather hand picked flowers than bouqets that cost a fortune.  I'd rather a homecooked meal made from scratch by the one I love than some overpriced restaurant meal.

This Valentine's holiday is you want to really do something special for the people you love give them gifts from the heart, gifts that require you to put your heart and soul into it.  Write a poem.  Cook dinner.  Give a massage or make love.  Bake a yummy dessert.  Create a collage of pictures.  Whatever you do give it some though because those are the gifts that mean the most.

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