Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Uncontrollables

How do we find the strength to deal with the uncontrollables of life? I've been pondering that this week.

So many times in life we want to take control of situations that many times cannot be controlled.

It's hard to understand that there are just things that are not under our control, the uncontrollables of life. One of the hardest aspects of life really.

So many times in my life I've wanted to help others take control of their problems, issues, addictions, etc., having a degree in psychology makes me even more prone to the tendency. Yet I seem to learn each day that there are many things that just cannot be controlled in the way or ways we might hope. It's really a lesson in itself trying to understand that.

Think of the things you wish you could control in your life? If you had total control of those things what would life be like? How would it change your life? And how do you deal with the uncontrollables of life?

Wildflowers a perfect example of an uncontrollable.

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