Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years

So another year has come upon us, and as I do every New Year I'm sitting here pondering what I wish for the most this year and what resolutions I'd like to make.

Our New Years was rather mellow we choose to stay in had a good dinner, played some wii and basically watched the ball drop while laying in bed. My man isn't much into holidays so I think even watching the ball drop for him felt awkward.

While watching a bunch of couples make out in Time Square after the ball dropped he was left questioning why is such a big deal made of the New Year and why do people act like that. While I can understand his thinking, because I've always said New Years is blown out of proportion and never understood why people act so crazy....I still could have gone for the making out part. (he lacks my zest for affection)

Quite honestly I'm entering this New Year feeling rather apprehensive especially about not having a job. Financially it's going to take a toll, to be honest unemployment is just not going to cover the expenses of life. To enter a New Year knowing that makes me feel scared.  It's hard to make resolutions when you feel like that.

As far as resolutions....I have to think about those for a little before putting them in writing. I would like to make slight changes to my blog so that could even fall into the resolution category.

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