Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Musings

Monday is here yet again. Where do the weekends go?

I start off this week feeling a little apprehensive, as of Friday I will be officially laid off from work. It's an odd feeling on one hand I'm hoping this will lead to a job I love, on the other hand I now become a part of the large growing unemployed statistic in this country.

This morning I heard the percentage of people being laid off from work grew to 10% in December, that is high and makes me question what is our new leadership in this country really doing to address the issue?

It just feels as if our country doesn't budget it's money correctly, that the things that are truly important to helping the people of the United States tend to go overlooked.

We spend billions on wars, space programs, sports arenas, etc., when really those billions should be spent on creating jobs, healthcare, and overall helping the people of the United States to live better lives. We give money to other countries who are in need, but it seems we overlook our own country, our own citizens.

This country needs to get it's priorities straight. Among other things, it needs a major financial restructuring. Deep thoughts for a Monday morning but I can't help but wonder how, what, who, where, and when the job market will improve.

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