Friday, January 29, 2010


How do I get my man to pay his bills? This has been a long withstanding issue of his since way before I met him and now during this time of being laid off it's really coming to light because I think he should use this time to work on his debt. You know take the time to write the letters, work out some deals, and pay his current bills on time. He's a financial anaylst so you think he would be an expert when it comes to this stuff but instead his finances are a mess.

You see the deal was when we moved in that he would start working on his debt and pay his bills on time. He got into the credit trap opening credit cards and never paying the bills....well those interest rates and late fees eventually add up making a once small charge and large charge hence people get in over their head.

What hurts the most is he thinks nothing of spending hundreds on things that are not a neccessity, when that same money could be going to pay off bills. He is only hurting himself, especially his credit but when you care about someone you want to see them be successful in ever area of life, and finances affect so many other areas of life. I just want to help him work out a plan so he doesn't spend his life being harrassed by these debt collectors.

Here is my age old do you help someone help themselves? And how do you help someone who promised they would work on this rather large issue that can affect so much from buying a house to getting a credit card? It seems to stress me out more than it does him. So the word for today over here is "how". How to get him out of debt? How to get him to pay bills on time? How do I find a free credit counseling program that could help him for free? How, how, how, how.

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