Friday, January 22, 2010

First Week

Well the first week of unemployment and you think I would have wrote more blogs but I was actually busier than anticipated this week. I've been busy trying to schedule all those doctor visits that won't be covered once my insurance plan runs out at the month.

I will have basics (which I will have to pay for monthly) but eyedoctors and dentists won't be covered. It's interesting because when you have health coverage you give little thought to it, often times not even taking advantage of the benefits that come along with it. But during times like these you come to realize just how important health coverage and insurance is.

So I spent the week getting new frames, visiting the dentist, and all those other little visits I actually had time to do now. That is the problem, while working it's hard to schedule the doctor or dentist appointments one needs without missing time from work. So although people have benefits, finding the time to use them is a whole other story.

Oh and I just found out another friend of mine got laid off from the law firm she worked for. So many people I now know who are unemployed. I just wonder how we are all going to find jobs. Maybe it's time this country held a marathon for it's own people because their are many, many people in our own country who need help and fast.

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