Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Tis The Season"

So tis the season to be jolly only this holiday season isn't turning out as I had hoped. Today I found out I will be losing my job come January due to economical reasons. Wow, so now I myself have become one of the many in this country without a job.

Scared is the feeling that most overwhelms me because with my boyfriend being laid off in December I worry how we are going to afford the bills and daily living expenses of life. Something not to many of us really think about until something like this happens.

I'm the one that hasn't been able to sleep, and feels stressed over the situation. My boyfriend on the other hand doesn't seem to worry at all, even though he has even higher monthly bills than me.

I know first hand that jobs are not easy to come by in this economy, and wonder how long it will take to find a job. Or shall I dare say find a job I love?

To have something like this happen right before the holidays really puts a dampen on things. An array of emotions overwhelms me that is hard to even put into words.

Which leads me to that famous quote "things happen for reasons", maybe I have to trust that they do but when you lose your income it's hard to understand the reason.

Has anyone else been affected by our poor economy? If so share your story, and how you are dealing with it?

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