Thursday, December 3, 2009

Say It Isn't So

As I peruse the daily news I am shocked and dismayed to read about Tiger Woods. In fact, I can't even find the words to convey how angry and upset reading such stories makes me feel.

It's simply just not right, it's not right to do to anyone. I've heard comments from people that were even more cruel such as she will get over it, the money will help. Really?????? Is that what our society has been reduced to? We no longer believe in love? The kind of love that when someone you love hurts you like that, it pierces the very core of the soul.

To give ones heart to someone whether it be in a relationship or marriage, and then to have that person give themselves intimately whether it be pyhsically or emotionally to another tears the heart and soul in ways that cannot always be repaired. What he did, and what many other continue to do is wrong. If you cannot give your love to one person then do not marry or commit yourself to a relationship. It's not fair to those who believe and trust in love.

What bothers me most if the non chalanant attitude many have. And what is wrong with the men and women who knowingly get involved with taken individuals? Do they have no conscious, no heart, no feelings? How could anyone knowingly do that to another person without feeling remorse, hurt, guilt, something?

I'm left with so many questions as to how our society thinks such behavior is ok? Tigers sponsers are going to stand by him, really? Why should these people be role models to children? Who wants their children to grow up with no morals or values, no honor or respect? Who wants their children to grow up to be weak individuals who cannot resist the temptations that will come their way in life?

There is so much that could be said but I'm too upset by such news to focus on writing any further. Let's pray for those people who cannot be honest, who cannot be faithful, who think it's ok to lie and disrespect the very people they say they love because honestly I cannot think of anything else that will help or save such lost people, other than maybe society saying enough is enough.

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