Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This morning on my way to work I was reflecting on how many of us take for granted the ones we love, especially in how we communicate with them. Words do have meaning and they have the power to affect not only ones day but life. Think about it, we often times do or say things to those we love that we would never say to an acquaintance or friend.

For example, in love relationships how many of us at times talk in tones that are far from nice. When our significant others call us we might say "what or what do you want" instead of saying "hi I'm happy you called or a simple how are you". Or in talking to our parents we lose our patience quicker than we should and talk to them in tones we would never think about with a friend. And what about kids who often times hear from parents "not now" "what do you want".

Why do we feel it's okay to talk to the ones we love in words and tones that could hurt them or make them feel bad? Is it because we take for granted they are there, we take for granted their love, and their special bond to us. Maybe we should all take a second to think before we speak. And to think about how much our actions or words can affect those around us. The people who love us should always be shown kindness, love, and respect.

With that in mind have patience today, show kindness towards the one you love, don't forget that life is short and that words can last a lifetime.

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