Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Musings

Wish this Monday I was overflowing with positive thoughts but for some reason I seem to be stuck in a funk. After finding out last week that I would be laid off come January, I experience more disappointing news over the weekend. This news more on a personal level which I won't delve into but I will say my heart feels sad. I feel overwhelmed by the feeling at the moment. It really hurts when you think you know someone,then come to find out what you thought to be true in reality was a little different than you believed.

So on this Monday I'm wondering why in this society we feel it's okay to keep things from the very people we say we love. What makes people feel it's okay to be dishonest, or hide parts of themselves, their lives, etc.. And we all have been touched by what I'm talking about in some form or another. Lately one can't even turn on the news without hearing about some celebrities lies and despicable ways broadcast for all to hear.

I just wish we could create a world in which those we love....we would always be honest with. The world would be such a better place if there were no secrets, if each of us could live in truth. The truth will essentially set our souls free because it allows people to love us for who we are which includes the good and bad.

Telling someone everything about yourself, your flaws, your weaknesses, your habits good or bad allows someone to decide if they can love you for who you truly are. When people hide anything from the ones they love, they hide themselves, they don't allow their souls to fully open up and be fully, truly, and honestly loved.

Anyway this Monday I just feel disappointed in the morals, in the values, ethics, and in the attitudes of so many in our society.

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