Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Musings

It snowed in the Philadelphia area on Saturday which was the perfect touch to putting up the tree. This year with my boyfriend unemployed we are trying to save money, well at least I think that's the plan, and so we decided on a small fake tree.

Wasn't sure how it was going to look because last season we got a huge real one, so it's hard to compare to the perfection of that one. And after decorating our new little tree I think it is perfect in it's own way. Lighted trees and decorations always give a rather magical feel to this time of year, which is nice as people need a little more of that magical feeling in their lives, don't you think?

I'm definitely finding it a little harder to get up in the mornings with my boyfriend and dog able to sleep in to whenever they want.

And as anyone who reads this knows Mondays are not my favorite day for sure. It's always so hard to think there are five straight days of work ahead. Which has me thinking more and more that I need to start my own little company. Is that even possible? Could I do it and do something I actually love?

Ahhhh....something to definitely think about. Meanwhile I will share my little tree with everyone.

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