Thursday, December 10, 2009


Life can be very ironic sometimes. Take for example my boyfriend losing his job, it was not long ago when we first moved to this area that I was in the same position and desperately looking for a job.

Now at the time my boyfriend had a job, and as he informed me had never really been without a job. In fact, he liked to remind me that he pretty much got offered any job he interviewed with. So he wasn't understanding of the fact that jobs were hard to come by and I wasn't exactly going to get offered one over night.

He would make a lot of comments about how I must not be trying hard enough, must be too picky,etc.. Thing is during that time I never relaxed....when he got up at 8 am so did I, I spent hours perusing job listings, sending out resumes and the such. And about 4 months into my search I landed a job. I had read many an article that it had taken people over a year to find a job in the bleak economy so I thought I did pretty well at the time. And a job is something you spend a lot of time at so I personally feel it's better to take the time, be a little picky because it's easier than having to go from job to job. Hence as irony has it, he is now in the same situation and I wonder now if he understands how I felt when I went through it.

Point is life is very ironic, and has a way of circling around. People find themselves in the same situations that others may be in today. And when someone experiences it themselves it is a whole other story. So today think about how and what you say to others....words can mean the world of difference in someone's day. Put yourself in the other persons shoes and try to imagine what it's like in their little world.

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