Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Remember as a kid when you wrote your list for Santa? Or maybe it was just a list for your family. As an adult it seems so long ago, but there was such anticipation and excitement that would surround the holidays.

I think as we get older there is something about the holidays that still seems to envoke those feelings. Maybe it's that we remember the feeling from childhood and it just carries through, or maybe it's the decorations, lights, music, and overall festivities of the season.

Whatever it envokes those memories from childhood of waiting up to try and get a glimpse of Santa Clause, or not being able to sleep Christmas Eve because the thought of gifts under the tree was just too exciting.

And I guess as we get older the gifts become less important, though I think deep down we still feel an air of excitement and anticipation about the thought of anyone getting us a gift. Let's face it, it's nice to be given gifts especially ones from the heart.

Honestly I think Christmas is more about the spirit then anything, the feelings it envokes, the coming together of families, and all that other great stuff. We should all remember this time of year to just take a moment or two and enjoy it all. Spend it with the people who mean the most to you. Instead of thinking you have to spend lots of money, just give gifts from the heart those mean the most and don't have to cost a fortune.

And make a Christmas list for old time sake. Actually make two, a list of material items and a list non material items. Then hang that list up somewhere. Who knows what is on your Christmas list could open up a whole new list of new goals and ideas for the New Year.

My Material Christmas List

Silver Watch
Small inexpensive piece of jewelry from someone I love
Cute sweats or lounge clothes
Kitchen gadgets
Art Supplies

My Non Material Christmas List

A job I love and/or my own business
A job for my boyfriend that he loves
Good Health for my dog and family
More time spent with my love ones without the distraction of cell phones, computers, and tvs
Increase in income
Help dogs in need
More time to just relax

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