Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snowy Morning and Chilvary

So here in Philadelphia we awoke to find it snowing which made for an interesting morning commute. Oh was it fun clearing off the car and steps.

Which makes me wonder what happened to chivalry? Without any prompting my grandfather and father would never let a woman do it all herself. They both would go outside on snowy days clean the car off, shovel, and whatever else needed to be done even if it meant waking up way before they had to.

I admit I'm old school I believe in chivalry. I just don't understand what seems to be this new generation of men. Maybe it was the way I was raised but I saw both my father and grandfather work very hard to support their families and to do everything they could to make life easier for their woman.

Especially now in this world we live in we need more men to step up and take responsibility, to help more. Woman have to work 40 hour work weeks just like men now. Yet it seems still all the house work, cooking, laundry, etc still falls on the woman.

In my opinion, it feels our society has lost the chivalrous ways of past generation. And on this snowy day a touch of chivalry would be nice.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Musings

Wish this Monday I was overflowing with positive thoughts but for some reason I seem to be stuck in a funk. After finding out last week that I would be laid off come January, I experience more disappointing news over the weekend. This news more on a personal level which I won't delve into but I will say my heart feels sad. I feel overwhelmed by the feeling at the moment. It really hurts when you think you know someone,then come to find out what you thought to be true in reality was a little different than you believed.

So on this Monday I'm wondering why in this society we feel it's okay to keep things from the very people we say we love. What makes people feel it's okay to be dishonest, or hide parts of themselves, their lives, etc.. And we all have been touched by what I'm talking about in some form or another. Lately one can't even turn on the news without hearing about some celebrities lies and despicable ways broadcast for all to hear.

I just wish we could create a world in which those we love....we would always be honest with. The world would be such a better place if there were no secrets, if each of us could live in truth. The truth will essentially set our souls free because it allows people to love us for who we are which includes the good and bad.

Telling someone everything about yourself, your flaws, your weaknesses, your habits good or bad allows someone to decide if they can love you for who you truly are. When people hide anything from the ones they love, they hide themselves, they don't allow their souls to fully open up and be fully, truly, and honestly loved.

Anyway this Monday I just feel disappointed in the morals, in the values, ethics, and in the attitudes of so many in our society.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

East Coast Snowstorm

In the Philadelphia area we got hit with 22 inches of snow which the weather people say hasn't happened in over 100 year in December here. Some photos of what it looked like from where I live.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Really True

Wow, it's really true and not just some bad dream. I tried to sleep but the job news of yesterday made that near impossible.

Officially I have been up since 4 am, there was no way I could possible sleep after finding out I will be without a job come January. No words can describe how scary it is to know your income is about to be taken away. Unemployment will help to keep me eating but it won't pay all the monthly expenses that come with life.

My boyfriend seems to be handling his layoff much better. He is able to sleep, something I really haven't been able to do since he got laid off. I just keep going over and over in my mind how we are going to get the money we need to live without going in debt. I'm afraid to spend a dime now.

I guess everyone has different ways of dealing with such situations. For me I feel very scared and almost lost as to where to turn for financial advice and help.

I just can't believe it's really true. After hearing friends stories who have been out of work for quite some time due to layoffs I wonder how long it will take me to find a job, and better yet will I find a job I love?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Tis The Season"

So tis the season to be jolly only this holiday season isn't turning out as I had hoped. Today I found out I will be losing my job come January due to economical reasons. Wow, so now I myself have become one of the many in this country without a job.

Scared is the feeling that most overwhelms me because with my boyfriend being laid off in December I worry how we are going to afford the bills and daily living expenses of life. Something not to many of us really think about until something like this happens.

I'm the one that hasn't been able to sleep, and feels stressed over the situation. My boyfriend on the other hand doesn't seem to worry at all, even though he has even higher monthly bills than me.

I know first hand that jobs are not easy to come by in this economy, and wonder how long it will take to find a job. Or shall I dare say find a job I love?

To have something like this happen right before the holidays really puts a dampen on things. An array of emotions overwhelms me that is hard to even put into words.

Which leads me to that famous quote "things happen for reasons", maybe I have to trust that they do but when you lose your income it's hard to understand the reason.

Has anyone else been affected by our poor economy? If so share your story, and how you are dealing with it?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Musings

So once again it's Monday, where oh where do the weekends go. Never seem to get enough time with the people I love.

This weekend I was feeling extremely exhausted so I did a little work but mainly tried to relax. Sometimes we all need know days where we just do nothing but lay on the couch. In my opinion, they are good for the soul. And winter seems to bring on a feeling of hibernation.

My morning ritual before work was not the same this morning though because Diane Sawyer and Chris Coumo left Good Morning America. For years now I have watched them in the morning, their chemistry the four of them had was simply fun. But as seems to be with tv they can't just let good things be, they always have to try to better the shows when sometimes what they have is already the best.

Mondays are already hard enough come on Good Morning America bring the team back. Anyway....let's start off today with a little inspiration. "First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do." Great words for a Monday. Let's all strive to have jobs or careers we love, so that Mondays become days we like not dread.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Life can be very ironic sometimes. Take for example my boyfriend losing his job, it was not long ago when we first moved to this area that I was in the same position and desperately looking for a job.

Now at the time my boyfriend had a job, and as he informed me had never really been without a job. In fact, he liked to remind me that he pretty much got offered any job he interviewed with. So he wasn't understanding of the fact that jobs were hard to come by and I wasn't exactly going to get offered one over night.

He would make a lot of comments about how I must not be trying hard enough, must be too picky,etc.. Thing is during that time I never relaxed....when he got up at 8 am so did I, I spent hours perusing job listings, sending out resumes and the such. And about 4 months into my search I landed a job. I had read many an article that it had taken people over a year to find a job in the bleak economy so I thought I did pretty well at the time. And a job is something you spend a lot of time at so I personally feel it's better to take the time, be a little picky because it's easier than having to go from job to job. Hence as irony has it, he is now in the same situation and I wonder now if he understands how I felt when I went through it.

Point is life is very ironic, and has a way of circling around. People find themselves in the same situations that others may be in today. And when someone experiences it themselves it is a whole other story. So today think about how and what you say to others....words can mean the world of difference in someone's day. Put yourself in the other persons shoes and try to imagine what it's like in their little world.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Remember as a kid when you wrote your list for Santa? Or maybe it was just a list for your family. As an adult it seems so long ago, but there was such anticipation and excitement that would surround the holidays.

I think as we get older there is something about the holidays that still seems to envoke those feelings. Maybe it's that we remember the feeling from childhood and it just carries through, or maybe it's the decorations, lights, music, and overall festivities of the season.

Whatever it envokes those memories from childhood of waiting up to try and get a glimpse of Santa Clause, or not being able to sleep Christmas Eve because the thought of gifts under the tree was just too exciting.

And I guess as we get older the gifts become less important, though I think deep down we still feel an air of excitement and anticipation about the thought of anyone getting us a gift. Let's face it, it's nice to be given gifts especially ones from the heart.

Honestly I think Christmas is more about the spirit then anything, the feelings it envokes, the coming together of families, and all that other great stuff. We should all remember this time of year to just take a moment or two and enjoy it all. Spend it with the people who mean the most to you. Instead of thinking you have to spend lots of money, just give gifts from the heart those mean the most and don't have to cost a fortune.

And make a Christmas list for old time sake. Actually make two, a list of material items and a list non material items. Then hang that list up somewhere. Who knows what is on your Christmas list could open up a whole new list of new goals and ideas for the New Year.

My Material Christmas List

Silver Watch
Small inexpensive piece of jewelry from someone I love
Cute sweats or lounge clothes
Kitchen gadgets
Art Supplies

My Non Material Christmas List

A job I love and/or my own business
A job for my boyfriend that he loves
Good Health for my dog and family
More time spent with my love ones without the distraction of cell phones, computers, and tvs
Increase in income
Help dogs in need
More time to just relax

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This morning on my way to work I was reflecting on how many of us take for granted the ones we love, especially in how we communicate with them. Words do have meaning and they have the power to affect not only ones day but life. Think about it, we often times do or say things to those we love that we would never say to an acquaintance or friend.

For example, in love relationships how many of us at times talk in tones that are far from nice. When our significant others call us we might say "what or what do you want" instead of saying "hi I'm happy you called or a simple how are you". Or in talking to our parents we lose our patience quicker than we should and talk to them in tones we would never think about with a friend. And what about kids who often times hear from parents "not now" "what do you want".

Why do we feel it's okay to talk to the ones we love in words and tones that could hurt them or make them feel bad? Is it because we take for granted they are there, we take for granted their love, and their special bond to us. Maybe we should all take a second to think before we speak. And to think about how much our actions or words can affect those around us. The people who love us should always be shown kindness, love, and respect.

With that in mind have patience today, show kindness towards the one you love, don't forget that life is short and that words can last a lifetime.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Musings

It snowed in the Philadelphia area on Saturday which was the perfect touch to putting up the tree. This year with my boyfriend unemployed we are trying to save money, well at least I think that's the plan, and so we decided on a small fake tree.

Wasn't sure how it was going to look because last season we got a huge real one, so it's hard to compare to the perfection of that one. And after decorating our new little tree I think it is perfect in it's own way. Lighted trees and decorations always give a rather magical feel to this time of year, which is nice as people need a little more of that magical feeling in their lives, don't you think?

I'm definitely finding it a little harder to get up in the mornings with my boyfriend and dog able to sleep in to whenever they want.

And as anyone who reads this knows Mondays are not my favorite day for sure. It's always so hard to think there are five straight days of work ahead. Which has me thinking more and more that I need to start my own little company. Is that even possible? Could I do it and do something I actually love?

Ahhhh....something to definitely think about. Meanwhile I will share my little tree with everyone.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Say It Isn't So

As I peruse the daily news I am shocked and dismayed to read about Tiger Woods. In fact, I can't even find the words to convey how angry and upset reading such stories makes me feel.

It's simply just not right, it's not right to do to anyone. I've heard comments from people that were even more cruel such as she will get over it, the money will help. Really?????? Is that what our society has been reduced to? We no longer believe in love? The kind of love that when someone you love hurts you like that, it pierces the very core of the soul.

To give ones heart to someone whether it be in a relationship or marriage, and then to have that person give themselves intimately whether it be pyhsically or emotionally to another tears the heart and soul in ways that cannot always be repaired. What he did, and what many other continue to do is wrong. If you cannot give your love to one person then do not marry or commit yourself to a relationship. It's not fair to those who believe and trust in love.

What bothers me most if the non chalanant attitude many have. And what is wrong with the men and women who knowingly get involved with taken individuals? Do they have no conscious, no heart, no feelings? How could anyone knowingly do that to another person without feeling remorse, hurt, guilt, something?

I'm left with so many questions as to how our society thinks such behavior is ok? Tigers sponsers are going to stand by him, really? Why should these people be role models to children? Who wants their children to grow up with no morals or values, no honor or respect? Who wants their children to grow up to be weak individuals who cannot resist the temptations that will come their way in life?

There is so much that could be said but I'm too upset by such news to focus on writing any further. Let's pray for those people who cannot be honest, who cannot be faithful, who think it's ok to lie and disrespect the very people they say they love because honestly I cannot think of anything else that will help or save such lost people, other than maybe society saying enough is enough.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Cat

So we have a cat that has apparantly taken up residence on one of our patio chairs. Not sure if it's male or female but the cat tends to show up every evening and upon waking it takes off each morning.

Approaching the cat only seems to make it run, though it did hide behind my flower pots the other day and listen as I talked to it. I've read up on stray cats and the consensus seems to be it's better to let them roam then to call rescue because most are put to sleep if they can't find a home. Does anyone know if that is true and the best way I could help this cat?

My boyfriend and dog are actually both allergic to cats so it's not like I could take it in. But when I see the cat outside sleeping in a ball I wish it had a nice home to snuggle into each night.

So if someone comes across my blog today and has advice on what we should do please feel free to leave a comment or send an email.

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