Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day Letdown

There was so much excitement for me leading up the Thanksgiving because I could not wait to spend quality time with my neice, and now that it has come and gone I'm suffering from a feeling of complete letdown as I return to work.

Pulling into the parking lot of our corporate complex it appeared that most of the companies here have off today, except maybe us and one other company. Even the cafe in the building is closed. That's the way it should be just let people have the day after Thanksgiving off especially since it falls on a Friday. It costs more to heat, light and get everything up running for one day then it would to just let people have a day off. Anyway....I won't get started on that topic. haha

But yes I feel down today and wish that I could have spent more time with my neice and sister. Why is it we spend most of our days with people who mean nothing to us, and the people who really mean something to us are the ones we don't get to spend enough time with. A couples hours when we get home at night, or each holiday just isn't enough time with the ones we love. Makes no sense.

And on another note I cannot believe people get up at 4 am to shop on this day. The idea sounds great but to actually get out there and do it I just don't have that kind of shopper dedication. Maybe if I had off it would be different because I could come home and sleep, I'm not sure if even that would be motivation to shop or have to wait in line at that hour of the morning.

Anyway happy day after turkey day to everyone, and for all those people who did get up and shop this morning hope you had fun! And to those who have to work today I know it sucks but let's try to think happy thoughts....I'm going to put some Christmas music on at my desk hopefully that will put me in a brighter mood.

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