Friday, November 20, 2009

Honesty....Is A Lonely Word

As I get older honesty becomes one of those virtues I value more, I'm talking the kind of honesty you share with a friend or loved one....where no matter what, you can rely on that person to always be not only truthful but true to their word.

Honesty truly can be a lonely word though.

I wonder are others who value the importance of honesty. And do those who don't realize they only hurt themselves when they choose to keep the truth from others. There is no room to live an authentic life when one tells lies or hides the truth because they never open themselves completely to others. And in life to get those soul connections with others one needs to be able to be honest. It's the difference between being an acquaintance and being a true friend.

One person I look up to is my sister. She has never been one to hide from honesty. She tells you like it is, no matter if you want to hear it or not. She doesn't hold back and that's one of the many great things about her. You always know with her you get real honesty, and in return a feeling of total trust.

That isn't always the case with others. I've encountered quite a few who think it's ok to hide the truth, to tell a lie, they don't even seem to feel guilt or remorse, and why is that? How could anyone not feel a twinge of remorse for not being honest with another especially if that person is a good friend or loved one.

I wish more people could be like my sister, but I guess there are many people who for one reason or another can't or prefer not to open themselves completely to others, who hide behind lies for whatever various reasons they feel they need. It's sad, not only that, but as I tend to do....I want to help those people but how can you help people who can't even be real?

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