Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bleak Economy Hit Home

Well the bleak job market and economy has finally hit home, my boyfriend lost his job as of yesterday. I can't begin to describe the feeling it leaves one with, it's that feeling like you have been hit in the stomach. It's hard to even imagine what he is feeling but I know I feel bad for him, and I worry about the whole financial implications this will have on us.

To think that right before the holidays companies would do such a thing just makes me feel even worse. Do big corporations even realize how truly hard it is out in the real world?????

Last year my boyfriends company Lincoln Financial suspended bonuses for all employees, but then turned around and gave big bonuses to the top executives. Executives who already commanded huge salaries to start with. It comes as no surprise he lost his job as they haven't had much work to do for over a year now, and they have been laying off people pretty much the whole year.

But maybe the company would not have to let all these people go if they were more fiscally careful with how they spend their money. It was obvious the way they gave big bonuses to their top executives that they really didn't care for the little guys in the company. Then again there seems to be many a company like that out there just look at what AIG did with their government bail out money.

I believe that what you give is what you get. Part of these failing corporations problem is they are consumed with greed and selfishness. How do they expect to be successful when they don't treat their own employees right?

Anyway, back to us it's going to be real hard the next couple of months. When you hear the reports the job market appears bleak, and who knows how long it will take to obtain another job. I'm sure both our spirits will improve but right now the shock of losing his job definitely has put a damper on things.

I pray that somehow we make it through this bleak economic time, and that hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and will lead my boyfriend to an even better job. Let's hope.

p.s. and maybe the universe was trying to tell me something today because contained in an email I was sent was the following "Remember when you count all you are thankful for that often what seems less than ideal may be your most valuable blessing -- hidden in disguise."

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