Friday, October 30, 2009

What Makes Someone Selfish and Some Unselfish

So today in my lack of sleep state I'm wondering what makes someone selfish? Why do someone people put others first, and others only put themselves first?

I don't think most people mean to be selfish but there are those who are just so consumed with themselves. It's all about what they want, what they need, they don't seem to take the time to really think that what they do might actually affect others.

Where does that come from? Is it learned or inherited?

And what makes some people so unselfish to the point they think of others before themselves. The people who would do anything to help someone, or always put others needs before their own?

Neither to the extreme is good. It's a combination of the two that make for a more grounded person because let's face it one can't always put others needs before their own but one never wants to take it to an extreme where they can't see beyond themselves either.

Just something to think about. Maybe it's too deep for a Friday but it's something I felt like writing about.

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