Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Happened To Sears?

Sears was always one of those stores I thought was the place to go for appliances or exercise equipment....in the past they always had reliable products and great customer service. Well that can't be said anymore as the few experiences I have had lately have been absolutely horrible, and these companies wonder why they are in financial troubles?

Recently I bought a treadmill, drove to the store picked it up and brought it home only to find the main piece, yes the base one has to walk on was completely cracked. I bought the warranty so I thought it should not be a big deal but of course it was. Instead of just sending me a new base there is huge process that has to be followed first which means the treadmill isn't going to be put together or used anytime soon.

I was told after being on hold numerous times, being transferred to numerous different departments that a tech has to first come out to look at it, then he decides what is to be done, and the part has to be ordered. Oh and the tech is schedule anytime between 8-5 which means the consumer has to miss work waiting for them to show up.

Huh? If the base is completely cracked there is nothing they can repair. It's a brand new treadmill....a new base should be ordered and that's it. But no I was told they can't order the piece until the tech actually looks at it. Really?

So at this point it looks like the best option is to return it. Why give Sears my money at this point when it looks like the treadmill won't be useable for awhile. Very disappointed in Sears and don't think I would bother buying any further products from them. Upon doing some research into the company it appears Sears has one of the highest complaints issued and worst customer service department.

Note to other companies if you want to actually see a profit make sure your merchandise is of top quality, that your customer service is top notch, and when something new is cracked....just offer a new piece not the run around to get a new piece.

Edward Lampert the chairman and major stockholder of Sears should take his customers inquiries and complaints seriously then maybe he would see his company's profits rise.

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