Friday, October 23, 2009


"Truth fears no questions".

Short but to the point. Ever notice how a person who has lied, even if it is a small white lie becomes uncomfortable when asked a question pertaining to the lie. That or people become defensive or just avoid answering the question. Because one question can cause a whole other host of lies to be told to cover up the first. That's the way it works with lies questions are their worst enemy. So much truth in such a small quote.

So why do people not just tell the truth? To even try to answer that might take pages because everyone has their own reasons, and reasoning behind what they do.

Though let's face it, living a life of truth is much easier and less painful than creating lies that only end up hurting the people who tell them. Lies burden ones soul in ways many don't realize. There's a loss of character, respect, honesty, loyalty, and other such virtues. Some would say who cares....but the body, the mind, and the soul care. The stress that can come with even one small lie can wreck havoc on such things.

While being truthful allows one to be 100 percent themselves, it allows others to see them for who they really are. People who live in the truth are stronger souls because they have nothing to hide, they show their cards for all to see....accept me or don't. And the weak hide behind lies usually out of a variety of fears.

I've read some stories lately, even heard stories from a friend or two that saddened me because the truth was kept from them in ways that deeply hurt them later on. And sometimes in life there isn't always a second chance to redeme oneself. Which led me to want to share with the world the above quote.

Let's all live in truth. Let's show our true selves to people. Life is sweeter when you can just be yourself and live in the light of the truth. Forgive yourself and others for the lies they have told in the past they know no better, but from now on live in truth, ask the people in your life to live in truth and seek those who do, and see what happens.

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