Thursday, October 22, 2009

Surprise Flowers

So yesterday I got a surprise a bouquet of flowers. Anyone who understands my love for flowers knows what a great gift that is. And the thought behind the flowers was even more special.

Amazing how little things like that can just brighten a whole day. Between the beauty of the flowers and the thought behind was like sun popping out on a cloudy day. Simply wonderful.

It just goes to show you that gratitude and happiness can be found in simple gestures and moments. Often times we take those little things for granted but we shouldn't because one never knows how much it can mean to someone else.

So with that in mind go do something special for someone in your life today. Doesn't have to cost a lot or be some extravagant something from the heart that has meaning. Bring a smile to someones face, show them how much you care, and most importantly do it from the heart.

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