Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sharing A Thermostat

So I've mentioned the joys of renting before but here's another one. Alas since our apt is in a house, and there are only two other apts....the landlord decided one thermostat would be ok to control the heat in all apts. What?

Yeah you heard right all apts share the same thermostat. So it makes this time of year and right through winter very tricky. One apt stays cool, the other gets hot and so who gets to say what temperature it gets set at? No one and that is the problem. People move it up and down it's pretty silly. Then again who ever heard of one thermostat shared by multiple apartments?

And yes we are trying to find another place problem is the inside of this place is so newly renovated, and the rooms are big that it's hard to find another place for the reasoable price we pay now. Plus we have a beautiful large patio, with an area to garden which I love. Ideally we would like to rent or buy a house but either the insides are so out dated or the prices are just out of hand. We work in an area with housing prices that are rather high.

So in the meantime I'm wondering how another year of sharing a thermostat is going to play out. Will we all be running in and out of our apts trying to move the dang thing to the temperature we prefer? If so it might just turn into a Seinfield like episode.

Ah the joys of renting....

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