Monday, October 12, 2009

Quit Smoking or Not?

So my guy on his own decided as of Sept 1 he was going to quit smoking. Which I know is no easy task given how addicting nicotine is, and the fact that he tried before but eventually caved to the cigs. I was estatic to hear him say those words.

And I've been really proud of him because I know it's not easy but he's been saying how he's doing it and it's not that hard. Well, that is until I realized when he sleeps at night I once again smell the smoke coming out his nose.

Yeah I know odd right, but that's what happens when he sleeps for some reason this strong smoke smell is released. Which worries me the most because it means that poison is getting into his lungs and system.

So the other night I came home to realize the room smelled of smoke, ah it was his shirt. It was disappointing because he has been telling me giving up smoking was not hard....but in reality he never gave it up. Most disappointing has been that he felt he needed to lie to me and hide that he was smoking again. He doesn't get how that makes me more upset, I'd rather he smoke then lie.

His side is that he is only smoking a cigarette here or there not half a pack as he used to, that he technically did give it up. As I said to him quitting smoking means giving them up, not having one here or there, it means not touching them all together. That's why quitting is hard because you have to learn to reach for something else when you feel the need for a cigarette. And to his body driving, golfing, drinking, coffee and working go hand in hand with smoking.

There's not much I can do really but I hate that cigarettes have such control on his body. They are hurting his wonderful body in so many ways. I'll admit I don't like smoking the smell is awful, and peoples clothes, car, skin, and breath always smell like smoke. To a smoker its not a big deal but to someone that doesn't smoke the smell isn't pleasant. And to think that is going inside him.

But I love him so if he isn't going to quit than I hope he can at least be honest about his habit, and out of respect for me not smoke when I am around. Secretly....I'm going to pray that God gives him the strength to quit once and for all because when you love someone you just want them to be the best and healthiest they can be.

By the way, is there such a thing as quitting smoking and then having a few a day? ; )

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