Tuesday, October 27, 2009


What is a promise? A promise by definition is: a transaction between two or more persons whereby the first person undertakes in the future to render some service, gift or assurance to the others or devotes something valuable now and here to use.

Often times it feels like the word gets misused, people and even groups make promises that often times aren't kept which defeats the whole purpose of making one. Not only that but it erodes the trust and dependability that goes along with a promise.

What happens when a promise is made and not kept? Often times people feel hurt, disappointed or even deceived. Words mean something, to give ones word and keep it is important. When people don't comes not only disappointment but also a certain disrepect is felt. As if the person making the promise simply could care less.

It's not even about what was promised, it's just knowing that someone kept their word, and knowing you can trust that when an individual makes a promise it will be upheld. That their word really means, that is what matters the most knowing you can count on someone.

In life it's hard to find people whose word means something, who really mean what they say.

Problem is our society as a whole seems to be slipping further and further away from that. The news is filled with stories of promises broken, which people seem to just accept. Why is that? Why do people just accept things, instead of standing up for what they think is right.

For example, if a politician breaks his word and promises why do we as a society let him get away with it? We have votes, in fact if enough loud mouths speak up there's a great possibility of getting the politician to live up to his promises. Same goes for other such situations.

If we allow others to break promises they will keep doing it, today take responsbility for what you say and help other's take responsibility for what they say.

If you make a promise keep it, and if you can't explain from the bottom of your heart why you can't, and how you will make up for it.....because even that goes a long way. Then really keep to your word and make up for it.

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