Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life Like The Waltons

Does anyone remember the Waltons? It was a tv show that aired in the 70's., about a husband and wife with seven children, and their parents living under the same roof. It was based on the creator's own life growing up in Virginia during the Depression and World War II days.

It was a marvelous, feel good kind of show that spoke of real morals and values. The tv shows today are lacking that. Either they spend much of their time making fun of each other or being saracastic, often little respect is shown for the elders of the show, and overall the family unit appears chaotic compared with the strength the Waltons showed.

So I was thinking today life like the Waltons clan would be pretty amazing. I'm not saying we should go back to the depression era, but what I am saying is family should be held important and put before anything. There should be more respect shown toward family members too. I think our tv shows today are a reflection of the reality of what has become of families.

The Waltons had their ups and downs but always managed to respect each other, to work through their problems, to put their family first, and each night they went to be saying I love you. That's what life needs more of. It needs stronger family units where people but their family before work, friends, and other outside things.

Years ago generations of families lived together now families are scattered across the country or would not want to entertain living with generations under one roof. The family unit is often taken for granted as are family members. Kids need to have relationships with their grandparents, and adults need to have relationships with their's the circle of life and there is much knowledge and wisdom to be imparted from such relationships. Siblings should try and form the strongest relationships possible because blood is the strongest bond there is.

Anyway....if you haven't seen the show I suggest you do because life like the Waltons has the ability to make this world a better place. Today put your family your parents,siblings, grandparents, etc., tell them you love and make plans to do something special with them because family is what life is all about.

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