Monday, October 5, 2009

The Greatness Of A Nation....

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

This quote holds so much truth. It's with dismay that I write this blog today. Yet another kitten was abused and tortured in Philadelphia this past weekend. And unfortunately the news just reported that it did not survive. This on the heels of another kitten being duck taped and abandoned. Does anyone animal or human deserve to be treated like such?

What is wrong with people who enjoy abusing and torturing animals? Something is obviously very wrong mentally to even mull over the idea in one's head, let alone act upon it. And how do we as a country protect the animals from such cruelty since we can't even seem to protect humans? What is this world coming to when it's people abuse and torture innocent helpless dogs and cats who only want to give their unconditional love to humans.

I'm a dog person. And I’m not saying all dogs are perfect because occasionally one comes across an animal that just can’t be helped behaviorally, but let's face it we come across people like that too. Usually breeds become dangerous because people make them that way.

Each time I read a story such as todays I think of the quote above and believe the morals of this country are slipping at steep rate, one if which let to continue will create a weak nation with no morals and/or values. Once that happens we might as well live in total anarchy. Harsh words probably but even harsher is the reality of the world we live in. The news that is reported to us each day is filled with too many stories about people with no morals, no values, no regard for life, and no understanding of what it means to live a good life based on respect, honestly, kindness, compassion, truth, and most of all love.

Hopefully we as a nation learn from these small acts of cruelty that our society can't continue on the path it is. That somehow we find a way to create a world that is good, where stories like cuddles becomes rare, and acts of goodness become the norm.

There are lots of cats and dogs that need good homes. Start by doing something good today and go to your local spca an adopt one. The rewards are ten fold. And don't forget animals are like humans they need love, exercise, good food, medical care,cost money, and may not always do everything you want them to so make sure you are ready for the responsibility that comes with having a little heart dependent upon you.

Today my blog is dedicated to cuddles. Whose story can be read by following the link below.

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