Monday, October 26, 2009

Dr Appointments Screenings?

Wow does anyone wanna hear an unusual way of scheduling Doctor's appointments.

I have a Doctor close to where I work, where you can't just call and make an appointment. You first have to tell all your health details to the receptionist, who then relys it to a nurse, the nurse calls you back, then asks you to describe in detail the problem....from there she decides whether you are worthy of an appointment. Or whether they will just prescribe something.

So a nurse who never saw the patient decides whether the patient is worthy of being seen in person for an appointment? Yup.

Has anyone ever heard of that before? No doctor in the past that I ever seen had a appointment screening test like that, if you feel sick they schedule an appointment. Besides, how can any office prescribe medicine without seeing the patient first?

Plus this office only has hours from 9-5, and no weekend. And my workplace doesn't exactly like people leaving during work hours. So it looks like the negatives out weight the positives for this doctor's office. Looks like I will go back to my old doctor at least they schedule appointments with no screenings and have evening hours. Down side driving 50 mins to get there which is why I tried the new doctor in the first place being she was only 5 mins down the road. Oh well another lessoned learned.

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